Top 5 Biggest Railway Station in India

Here are Top 5 Biggest Railway Station in India

1.Howrah Railway Station

Howrah Railway Station 

Howrah Junction Railway Station is one of the largest railway station in India. Howrah junction railway station has 23 platforms and 25 tracks it is the busiest station in India and Kolkata too. The Howrah junction railway station has two terminals. It is also known from Terminal 1 and 2. Hit open in 1854. The Howrah Junction Railway Station is the oldest in India

2.New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station 

New Delhi Railway Station is the second busiest and largest station in India.  It manages more than 350 trains and 500,000 passengers daily on 16 platforms.  The NDLS station also holds the record for the world's largest road locking system. New Delhi railway station is located near Ajmeri gate.  Its opened 1926.

3.Sealdah Railway Station

Sealdah Railway Station 

The Seldah Railway Station is the 2nd Largest railway terminal after Howrah Station in Kolkata. Sealdah Railway Station is a major suburban rail terminal serving the city of Kolkata with 20 platforms. The north terminals of Sealdah Railway Station have 13 platforms and there e South Terminal consists of 7 platforms.

4.CSTM Railway Station 

CSTM Railway Station 

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus has a total of 18 platforms, 11 for long-distance trains and 7 for Mumbai suburban trains. CSTM is the largest railway terminus in Mumbai and a historic World Heritage station. The CSTM was opened in 1853 and rebuilt in 1888.CSTM Railway Station was designed by British architecture engineer Fredrick willevens stevens. The CSTM terminal is the headquarters of the Indian Central Railway

5.Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station 

Chennai Central Station is one of the most important railway stations in southern India and the main hub of the Chennai suburban railway. Chennai Station has 15 platforms for managing long-distance trains with three platforms exclusively for commuter trains. It opened in 1873. Chennai Central Station serves more than 800,000 passengers daily.