Top 10 Clean Railway Stations of India

If you are a frequent railroad traveler, you would have noticed that the Indian railways have emphasized the cleanliness of its railway stations.  This year, Jodhpur and Marwar stations in Rajasthan have been deemed the cleanest Railway  Stations of the Indian rail network.
Indian Railway Devide ralway station by 2 categories.

Top 5 A1 Category Clean Railway Station of India

1.Jodhpur Railway Station


Jodhpur Railway Station is located in Rajasthan and it is also the most important station of Rajasthan.  The Jodhpur Railway Station has a total of 5 platforms and 6 Tracks.  To decongest the Jodhpur Junction main station, the Bhagat Ki Kothi suburban railway station was developed as the second main train station for passenger trains.  Its opened in 1885.

2. Jaipur Railway Station


Jaipur Railway Station is one of the largest railway stations in Rajasthan.  The Jaipur railway station has a total of 6 platforms.  Jaipur Station serves most passengers in Rajasthan.  Its opened in 1895.

3.Tirupati Railway Station


The Tirupati Railway Station is located in Andhra Pradesh.  It serves Tirupati and the large number of pilgrims traveling regularly to Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Chittoor District.  It is one of the best environmental station and has been awarded the Gold Rating by the Indian Green Building Council.

4.Vijayawada Railway Station


Vijayawada Railway Station is the located in Andhra Pradesh. Its is one of the most largest railway station in Andhra pradesh. Vijayawada railway station serves more than 1.30 lacs passengers Daily. Its opened in 1888. Its has 10 platforms.

5.Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station


Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station is located in the Anand Vihar Locality of Delhi. Anand Vihar Station under the administrative control of the Delhi Division of the Northern Railway zone of the Indian Railways. Its has 7 platforms.

Top 5 A Category Railway Station of Indian Railway

1.Marwar Junction Railway Station

Marwar Railway Station is located in Rajasthan and it is one of the most clean Railway Station in A category Railway of Indian Railway. It has 4 platforms.

2.Phulera Railway Station

Phulera Railway Station is located in Rajasthan. It is between Jaipur and Ahmedabad Line. It is the major station Jaipur district. It has 5 platforms. It manages 116 trains daily.

3.Warangal Railway Station


Warangal Railway Station is located in Telangana. It ia under the Administration of Secunderabad railway division. It has 3 platforms.

4. Udaipur City Railway Station


Udaipur City Railway Station is Located in Rajasthan. It is the major railway station in Rajasthan. It has 5 Platforms. Its operated by north western railway.

5. Jaisalmer Railway Station

Jaisalmer Railway Station is Located in Rajasthan. It is the major railway station in Rajasthan too. It has 3 platfroms and opened in 1921.

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